What is Kaiseki?

Kaiseki Torino
A Chicago Kaiseki Restaurant

Kaiseki Torino offers a night of Japanese Kaiseki which is a progressive dinner with a carefully crafted seasonally inspired menu. Our ambiance is second to none and becomes a candlelit meditative atmosphere to relax your mind and soul as you get to enjoy this 500 year-old Kaiseki tradition. Kaiseki Master Chef Yuji Hayashi’s creation will satisfy your body and soul through the warmth of the presentation and service.


After years of development and connecting, Kaiseki Torino opened in 2019 at 1162 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette IL.

Kaiseki Chicago by Torino | Chef Yuji Hayashi

1162 Wilmette Ave Wilmette, IL 60091  |  

847-920-5075  | Hello@KaisekiTorino.Com |

Dinner : By Reservation

A Torino Hospitality Restaurant